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Easy Simple French Styling Tips To Live By

It’s more than just the pieces they wear, it’s also how they wear them that makes French style so desirable . It oozes inspiration and It’s attainable too. Here are some French styling tips that you can try out right now!

1. Mix feminine and masculine

Mixing masculine and feminine shows some major style, not to mention it’s unique and chic. Wearing a suit with heels or taking a men’s blazer and pairing it with something flirty is the best way to achieve that look. Also, a slip dress looks great with a menswear blazer.

2. Mix high and low.

French women layer a mix of high and low pieces and accessories. It’s what makes an outfit interesting. You won’t see a French woman wearing all Louis Vuitton; they’ll mix it up with some H&M or Zara. It takes your look to a whole new level. That’s how French styling works.

3. Tuck in your top

That helps showing off your figure and result in a streamlined and polished look!
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4. Define your waist with a belt or tie

Putting a belt over your blazer or outerwear is a great way to set yourself apart and instantly elevate your look. Not to mention it flatters your waist!

5. Accessorize with simple gold jewelry

Gold seems to be the go-to choice and it’s usually a simple pendant for a necklace and gold hoops for earrings!
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6. Leopard print

Leopard print is considered a neutral, and it looks chic, not tacky, when balanced out with structured pieces (like a blazer) or balanced out with neutral colors (like brown and white)!

7. Wear a cardigan as a top

Cardigans are huge staples in a French girl wardrobe. It’s stylish and cozy all at the same time! Don’t limit your cardigans to just a layering piece. One of their favorite ways to wear them is not open over a top, but as the top itself! Cropped ones are also super popular and not just worn in winter!
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8.  Mix textures

French women know that mixing and matching in an outfit creates interest and style. A favorite is a silky slip dress or skirt and a cozy cardigan!

9. Comfort is key. But make it look good.

“I know what fits me and what makes me look good. I find myself buying the same thing over and over, but I don’t mind — these are my classics, they always work, they always make me happy.” ~ Garance Dore

10. Slightly oversized is chic

Though French girl style is usually all about tailored and fitted, a slightly loose, boxy fit works because it shows that you’re not trying too hard. Just balance the line between oversized and shapeless. 

11. A printed dress 

When summer comes around, don’t stress about what to wear because a printed dress is all you need. It can be worn with flats or sandals. It’s versatile and chic!
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12. The Parisienne wears very little jewelry. 

The idea here is the smarter the outfit, the less jewelry you need. Simplicity is the way to go with accessories. Each piece should have meaning, tell a story, or have some sentiment behind it.

13. A pop of red never hurt

Neutrals are best for looking timeless, but it doesn’t mean you only have to wear black every day of your life! To keep in line with French girl style, balance out the red with solid denim and other neutrals.
French styling - khoodfashion 6

14. Select slowly and invest in quality.

A French woman takes her time selecting a wardrobe that flatters her. She doesn’t fall victim to trends or buys because something is on sale. If it happens to be on sale, all the better. The French woman also invests in a few quality items. She may own one pair of Chloe ballet flats and a stunning Saint Laurent leather tote or crossbody, but her closet won’t be overflowing with ballet flats in every colour or more than a few handbags. 
These are some French styling tips to go by. Do as French women do, take your time, savour, save and invest in garments you’ll love for years to come.
By: Hala AlZoubi

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