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Fall Essentials Every Girl Should Have in their Closet

It’s almost here, Fall, our favorite season and probably the most beautiful season of all! It’s also every Fashionista’s favourite season as it’s the perfect season to dress up. Think about incorporating some cute tall boots and short dresses and skirts or that stylish fur coat with a sexy leather ankle boots! Beautiful, right? So, if you want to step up your game this year, you will need to build a strong Autumn closet. Although fall comes once a year, these items will last for seasons to come. So here are the Fall Essentials to add on your Wardrobe!

1. Knits

A strong Fall wardrobe will never be complete without a variety of knits! Choose ones with unique and bold designs or styles that can be layered or paired with the pieces that you already have. 

Fall essentials - Khood Fashion 7

2. Blazers

Finding the perfect blazer won’t only keep you warm but can easily add an edge to your every outfit.

Now, there’s definitely a ton of style, design, material, and brands that you can choose from so If you are still building your blazer collection, start investing with the basic coloured ones like black, white or nudes. You can never go wrong with these shades since they can easily be paired with almost everything! 

Also best to choose something that goes with your current wardrobe palette and one that fits your lifestyle or usual day to day activities.

Fall essentials - Khood Fashion 5

3. Chic, Classic Coat

A timeless piece that will stay in your closet for decades. We love it paired with jeans, your favorite shoes, and a chunky sweater. 

Fall essentials - Khood Fashion 6

4. A Leather Skirt

A leather skirt can easily make you look expensive and sophisticated in one go! Plus, it goes so well with knee-high boots which is just amazing! 

Fall essentials - Khood Fashion 4

5. Exaggerated Sweater

A statement piece that will keep you cozy and turn heads. Look for bell sleeves, off the shoulder, an oversized fit, or laced sides.

Fall essentials - Khood Fashion 3

6. Anything with Animal Prints!

Animal prints are perfect for Fall be it on a tank top, shoes or even on your everyday purse!

Leopard cardigan is a nice piece to help turn an otherwise basic outfit into a chic and classy one!Also snakeskin ankle boots are a big thing in Fall. This print can be overwhelming but will definitely add a different spice on an outfit.

Fall essentials - Khood Fashion 2

7. Moto Jacket

Throw this number over any outfit and you’ll instantly give it an edgy vibe. 

8. Tweed Skirts and Dresses

This material is also very friendly when it comes to layering since it complements almost every type of fabric. Again, if you are just starting to build your tweed collection, always start with the basic shades that you can wear with the majority of your current wardrobe. 

Fall essentials - Khood Fashion 1

So, are your Fall essentials ready or not?

By: Hala AlZoubi

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