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Purple Polka Dot Chiffon Abaya

120  JOD 84  JOD
  • Chiffon kimono fabric.
  • Purple polka dot.
  • Blended with a velvety black fabric around the neck and sleeves.

Light Purple Abaya with Embroidered Sleeves

  • Wide Sleeves Embroidered.
  • Sleeves embroidered with green olive color.
  • Crêpe De Chine fabric.

Black Beaded Tulle Dress

160  JOD
  • Tulle fabric.
  • maxi dress.
  • you can wear it with jeans to give you a dramatic and trendy look.

Spring Trench Coat

  • Crêpe fabric.
  • Beaded belt with olive tree branches.

Purple Cardigan Embroidered with olive leaves

130  JOD 91  JOD
  • Crêpe fabric.
  • Embroidered with olive leaves.
  • you can wear it with white jumpsuit.