Mistakes Even the Most fashionable Women Make

We all make mistakes, and when it comes to fashion, all it takes is one look at an old photo to remind us of that fact. Because while trendsetting chic women give off the appearance of always getting it right, there are certain mistakes every woman can relate to. So let’s take a look at those Fashion mistakes  we all do (and then regret).

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Easy Simple French Styling Tips To Live By

It’s more than just the pieces they wear, it’s also how they wear them that makes French style so desirable . It oozes inspiration and It’s attainable too. Here are some French styling tips that you can try out right now!

1. Mix feminine and masculine

Mixing masculine and feminine shows some major style, not to mention it’s unique and chic. Wearing a suit with heels or taking a men’s blazer and pairing it with something flirty is the best way to achieve that look. Also, a slip dress looks great with a menswear blazer.

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Guidance to finding the prefect wedding dress

Probably one of the most important and stressful details of your big day is of course – your wedding dress as this dress will be memorialized forever in your photos, so you want it to be perfect… Beautiful, timeless, and you in every way.
Wedding dress - Khood Fashion 2
Always take in consideration that your wedding gown is not the time or place to try out trends. Choosing a classic silhouette and finishes will ensure that your dress seems as relevant when you’re going through your wedding album in 20 years as it does today.
When planning a wedding, at one point, you will be looking at alot of gorgeous dresses. With so many pretty choices out there, you might wonder which dress is the right one for you.
When choosing your gown, we suggest starting with a foundation that you know you want – for instance, lace, silk, and cut, are all details that you might have a preference for already. If you’re not designing your dress but rather shopping for one, there are a few details to think about to make your decision-making process a lot easier and so you don’t end up trying on thousands of dresses. Some things to consider, are:

Time of Year (Season)

This is the first thing to consider when deciding on a wedding dress. Summer beach wedding? You’ll probably want something more on the flowy, lightweight and casual side, so draping silks that are less structured will emphasizes your feminine figure and give you a sense of effortless beauty.
If you’re having a fall or winter wedding, you might want something a little more structured and maybe even go for long sleeves.

Time of Day

If you’re getting married in the morning or midday when the sun is high, you and your guests will probably want to wear slightly more casual and less constrictive attire to stay cool and comfortable. Go for gauzy, breezy, and maybe even shorter hems. Evening weddings usually indicate a more formal vibe, so you can definitely go for more elegance, structure, and heavier layers.


you’ll want to mind the hem of your dress depending on whether you will be walking over grass or sand or so. Look for gowns that will be comfortable and appropriate to wear at your particular venue.
Wedding dress - Khood Fashion 1


Financial constraints play another major role. An extravagant wedding gown with hand-embroidered beads and crystals will not come with a cheap price tag. 

Body Type

A mermaid-style dress might look flawless on your favorite celebrity, but it might not fit your figure or make you feel comfortable. There are no limits on what you can wear on your big day, but you can check out our body shape guideline to get started.
By: Hala AlZoubi

KhoodFashion.com The Ultimate Marketplace for Designer Fashion


Khood Fashion 1

An online marketplace that aims at offering designers a platform to grow their brands regionally and internationally. Our mission is to be a bridge between fashion designers and fashion lovers.

Browse latest designer collections and thousands of designer products on our platform. We created an online marketplace or fashion outlet where you can find all designer goods. Many of our designers offer bespoke fashion design so whether you are looking for a wedding gown, a party dress or a business suit specially created for you, you will find designers on Khoodfashion.com, who are offering high-end couture and made to measure service.

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Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Needs In Her Closet

Fashion trends change yearly and some completely go out of style, however there are some wardrobe essentials every woman needs in her closet that can never go out of style . These essentials will help to get you dressed everyday.  Even if it’s pulling together a 5-minute-run-out-the-door outfit. So, here are the wardrobe basics you need to do just that. 

1. A little black dress

This is on top of the list because as you can never go wrong with a black dress when paired with a nice shoe. 

Make sure you get a dress that fits you perfectly. 

Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Needs - Khood Fashion Black Dress 1Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Needs - Khood Fashion Black Dress 2

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