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An online marketplace that aims at offering designers a platform to grow their brands regionally and internationally. Our mission is to be a bridge between fashion designers and fashion lovers.

Browse latest designer collections and thousands of designer products on our platform. We created an online marketplace or fashion outlet where you can find all designer goods. Many of our designers offer bespoke fashion design so whether you are looking for a wedding gown, a party dress or a business suit specially created for you, you will find designers on, who are offering high-end couture and made to measure service.

Khood Fashion 2 adds wings to latest designer collections and fashion brands. We want to help you sell your designer fashion products globally. If you are a fashion startup and need business support, you will be able to get business advice and mentoring to help you succeed as fashion entrepreneur in the competitive market.


Many of our fashion designers offer bespoke designing and haute couture so If you are looking for ordering exclusive custom made or bespoke items, browse the collections exhibited online. 

Also, If you know what you want to buy and want it quick, browse designer fashion products on Khood Marketplace and order latest designer brands at best prices. 

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If you are a fashion designer or brand interested in selling your line of designer clothing, bags, jewellery, shoes or fashion accessories globally, Khood’ online marketplace is an ideal launchpad for you. 

Designers can be assured that their products will be well-presented and that they will be taking full credit of their products. They are offered a web interface to upload their products on their own, website team can upload on your behalf as well. 

Fashion Designers

Creating brilliant clothing, accessories, shoes, bags and beauty products for fashion seekers and fashion lovers.

Fashion Consumers

All of us want to have designer, trendy clothing, accessories, shoes and bags. 


Khood in Arabic means a group of young beautiful tender ladies.

خُود : جمع خَود 

الخَوْدُ : الشابَّةُ النَّاعِمَةُ الحَسَنَةُ الخَلْق




The blogs will provide details about online resources relevant to fashion industry such as

fashion tips from successful fashion designers and the latest fashion news from all over the world so you are always in the know of fashion trends, fashion ideas and fashion trends in any market globally.

So, browse the blogs and share your comments. 


We are happy to listen to your views, suggestions and feedback about our online fashion marketplace and outlet for designer and bespoke fashion.

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By: Hala AlZoubi

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