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Biggest Fashion Fails of All Time

What Were They Thinking?! Biggest Fashion Fails of All Time

Ah, the fashion police. It’s always fun to watch a red carpet and then gossip about who looked amazing… and who looked like an escaped psych ward patient because of their outfit. Fashion is a really delicate factor. Along with your creativity, you possibly can both make one thing fully new and trend-worthy or you possibly can create a complete catastrophe. Listed here are a few of the worst trend fails of all time. 


1. Helena Bonham Carter

Helen Bonham Carter has a reputation as being a little kooky which can definitely be seen in her choice of outfits for the red carpet. At the 2011 Golden Globes, she wore a Vivienne Westwood dress with multiple layers and colors and rocked a birds nest inspired hairstyle.

However, the most bizarre feature of her red carpet look was the mismatched shoes. However, Helena Bonham Carter has defended her unusual style by saying, “I like to have fun, and I love dressing up; it’s part of my acting”.

Fashion Fails - Khood Fashion 1


2. Bjork
There cannot be a list of celebrity fashion fails without mentioning the infamous swan dress worn by Bjork. The dress was widely criticized. For instance, Joan Rivers remarked, “This girl should be put into an asylum” and Steven Cojocaru claimed that the dress was “probably on the dumbest things I’ve ever seen”.
Bjork’s dress was parodied many times and appeared in the comedy film “White Chicks” and “My Big Fat Independent Movie”. However, the once-ridiculed swan dress is now being featured in the Museum of Modern Art.
Fashion Fails - Khood Fashion 2
3. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake
At the 2001 American Music Awards , Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake arrived  in matching denim outfits. Not only did they have the courage to wear matching outfits on the red carpet, but they also wore denim as formalwear.
Fashion Fails - Khood Fashion 3
4. Rihanna
Usually Rihanna is stylish and always makes the best-dressed list. However, during 2015, her all together look was a fail.
She looks like a pink marshmallow in this and it didn’t look good.
Fashion Fails - Khood Fashion 4
5. Diane Keaton
Diane Keaton is known for her odd sense of style.
During the 2004 Oscars, she got a few strange looks. She is dressed up like a penguin with a top hat.
6. Demi Moore
From the bicycle shorts to the peekaboo bra, the features of the dress need to go.
Yeah, the ’80s were an odd time in fashion, but this was a terrible decision. 
7. Charlize Theron
At the 2010 Oscars, Charlize Theron wore a Dior dress with the awkward placements of the roses around her chest. It’s definitely a no.
Fashion Fails - Khood Fashion 5
8. Faith Hill
The country singer wore a rainbow gown to sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow at the 2002 Academy Awards.
The pastel gown is a bit much, and there are too many colors going on.
Fashion Fails - Khood Fashion 6
9. Julia Roberts
The color palette is awful and the fit does not look good on her.membership


1. Animal Cruelty Membership
That is exactly why you do not put illustrations excessively far up on a hoodie! 
2. Bunny ears
That is an odd place for these droopy rabbit ears.
3. I’ll quit
4. New York Metropolis, the Massive Apple, the acclaimed dwelling of… these purple phone stalls which can be throughout London.

5. Not A Presidential Outfit

This girl was wearing this outfit when she was interviewing the President of South Africa.The fruits on her gown are usually not complimenting her physique and it’s a big mistake made on the a part of the designer. This gown shouldn’t have been worn any day, not to mention on the day that you just interview a President on reside TV.
6. Child Heels
A pair of heels with their very own heels? What was the designer thinking!? The thought of the small heels is only a waste of supplies that might have been used to make one other set of heels.
7. When You Overlook To Edit
The designer must have given his crew a design that may have included some kind of inspirational textual content on the purse. Nevertheless, evidently the enhancing crew was too lazy and simply printed the SAMPLE TEXT HERE as an alternative of performing some analysis.
8. A Traumatic Bathing Swimsuit
This bathing swimsuit was designed to maintain you floating in case you drown. Nevertheless, it additionally seems so much like a suicide vest which is why you can’t wear it in a public space where strangers may panic. That is fairly a trend catastrophe.
9. When All You Wanted Was To Say HELLO
This sweater was clearly meant to say HELLO. However, when the designer determined to add a smile as an alternative of the O, it appeared to say Hell instead of HELLO. The smile on the finish of the phrase Hell simply appears to be fairly welcoming which appears to be very mistaken.
10. All About Notion
Whereas the designer wanted to say Don’t Worry, Be Happy, the general public would learn it as Don’t Be Happy, Worry. 
So what’s your take on these fashion fails?
By: Hala AlZoubi


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