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How to Tuck your shirt like a PRO

The art of tucking in your shirt is easy to learn yet will elevate your look to chic new heights. When to tuck your shirt in as opposed to leaving it out, when to only front tuck, how to front tuck, what about tying it on the side, etc? Not all the ways to tuck in your shirt are made equally, and there’s a time and a place for each style. Allow us to explain. 


The Front Tuck

Transform any knit or sweater from bulky to polished by tucking in just a few inches of material in the front. This tuck is the perfect option for visually creating a waist and defining it. Front tucking your shirt draws the eye up to your waist rather that leaving your body visually one long line. 
When you do this, make sure not to have a super tight tuck but also not too much fabric out. Simply grab the front middle of your top and tuck it fully in where there isn’t extra fabric on top. From there tuck a little on each side. Loosen a little as necessary.
Do front tuck when you have a thinner top that is not too long paired with mid to high rise pants or a skirt.  
Don’t front tuck a thick top that will have too much fabric to tuck in adding a lot of fabric below your pants and creating a pouch effect in the front. Remember, the whole goal is visually showing your waist not creating a bunch of fabric. 

Front Tuck Essentials (Easy Tops & Good Denim) 

The Half Tuck

This is a favorite among the street style set to 
create a cool, deliberately undone look. A button-down blouse is an easy option for this type of tuck.

The Full Tuck

This is for dressier occasions. Tucking in your shirt all the way around instantly pulls together your ensemble for a professional result. After tightly tucking in your shirt completely, raise your arms overhead to untuck just the right amount of fabric. 
Do a full tuck for a tailed look with a high waisted bottom and slim top. 
Don’t do a full tuck with a low waist or a chunky top.
Full Tuck Essentials (High Waisted Bottoms & Streamlined Tops)

Don’t Tuck 

Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing! Don’t tuck your shirt at all leaving it loose. The reasons for this would be if the shirt has a specific hem like a peplum, a band at the bottom or anything else. Also do not tuck a long tunic made to be worn out. Alternatively you might just have a pair of pants and top that go best together left alone. 
Don’t tuck when your pants are lower rise and will accentuate your hips.
Untucked Essentials (Unique Hem or Tunic Length Tops)

The Tie

Do tie your shirt when you want a fun alternative to the other tucking options and you have a thinner material.
Don’t tie your shirt when it’s thick or makes a huge, long knot.
Tie Essentials (Button Front or Long Tees) 
By: Hala AlZoubi
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