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New to sustainable fashion and don’t know where to begin? Or looking for some inspiration to switch up your style? We got your back! Here is a list of sustainable fashion brands that don’t compromise on style, ethics, and environmental impact.

But before we get to that, we need to know what the term sustainable fashion means and some other terms related to it.


How your clothing impacts the environment. 



Slow down on following trends! The average piece of clothing is worn just 14 times, and it’s time we increased the longevity of what we wear. 



The ethical treatment, pay, and occupational health standards of garment workers and the effect that the making of the garment has on the community it is made in. 

Ethical fashion may also include the ethical treatment of animals, which could mean that no animal products were used to make a particular item of clothing.



The umbrella term for all of the above! The definition of sustainable fashion can shift over time. 

We also need to highlight what the term fast fashion means.

Fast Fashion refers to retailers’ practice of reproducing highly fashionable clothes at high speed and low cost. Since the prices on these items are so low, they encourage consumers to buy en masse without thinking too much about their purchases.


What Affordable & Ethical Fashion Really is? 

While everyone has a different idea of what affordable means for them, we can’t deny that many of the sustainable fashion brands out there are making ethical clothing with a high price tag. However, if we are really going to get the masses to stop shopping fast fashion then we need to have more accessible and affordable options available for everyone.


When it comes to buying affordable women’s clothing, we need to be thinking both about how many clothes we actually need, and how much we are capable of spending. Regardless of whether your are purchasing ethical fashion or are still shopping fast fashion, if you are buying clothing in excess then you are not shopping in a sustainable nor an affordable manner.


Choosing to adopt a more sustainable wardrobe makes sense both financially and ethically. If we choose to purchase our clothing with thought and intention, we ultimately will spend less, save more and produce less waste.  


Best Ethical Clothing Brands For Every Budget, Body, and Every Wardrobe:


Everlane is the dream brand of every minimalist who likes to wear high-quality, comfortable, timeless and simple clothes. They offer well designed basics from the coziest sweaters, to all types of t-shirts and jeans that are perfect for the conscious consumer. They are transparent about their prices and they always listen to their customers’ needs. Everlane carries both men’s and women’s clothing.

Stella McCartney

You’ve probably heard of Stella McCartney before. But did you know that they are also sustainable and vegan? Their use of original materials and environmentally-friendly practices sets an example to all luxury fashion brands!

Know The Origin 

Know The Origin is the go-to brand for basic shirts and undergarments. They use organic & fairtrade cotton from two farmer-run cooperatives in India where 18% of our worlds cotton is grown. They are all about full transparency from farm to clothing.

People Tree

People Tree is a pioneer in sustainable fashion. Their garments are made using organic cotton and eco-friendly materials, while supporting ethical, fair-trade practices. 

They offer some of the most affordable prices in the sustainable fashion industry. 


Reformation is one of the most stylish sustainable fashion brand. This ethical brand is the queen of dreamy dresses. 



EcoVibe is the go-to affordable option for more bohemian style clothing and dresses. They use a wide variety of sustainable fabrics that have been ethically produced in the making of their clothing.


Armedangels is probably the best sustainable fashion brand. They use sustainable materials and they provide Fair Trade working conditions, and most of their items are vegan!

Amour Vert 

Amour Vert pieces feel like high end luxury, but maintain a moderately affordable price tag that makes them accessible to the larger public. Most pieces are made in limited quantities to ensure the highest production standard and eliminate excess waste. 

With every purchase of an Amour Vert tee, they plant a tree in North America. 

Slum Love

Slum Love designs, quality, and budget friendly prices just cant be beaten. Their designs are a perfect mix of bohemian meets everyday basic comfort, and are made ethically in Kenya using eco-friendly materials with a portion of proceeds giving back to education for children in some of the world largest slums. 


Well Made Clothes

The Australian retailer, Well Made Clothes, lets you shop according to your values. Sustainable, fair, transparent, minimal waste, vegan, local, handcrafted, gender equality. Which one is the most important to you?


Mayamiko is a sustainable women’s wear and lifestyle brand made in Malawi, inspired by African artisanal traditions and prints. It is your go-to sustainable fashion brand for bold prints and patterns. 

Their garments are designed for the global modern woman with incredibly high ethical standards and micro-finance programs in place to ensure that women are able to support themselves and create the life of their dreams.



Nudie Jeans

Jeans production uses a lot of water and energy, therefore, jeans are always unsustainable. Are you sure? Nudie jeans came to change that as they score high on ecology and labor conditions, because of the use of organic materials and, amongst other things, the membership of the Fair Wear Foundation. 


At ABLE 96% of employees are women. It is a lifestyle brand focused on ending generational poverty through providing economic opportunity for women.

ABLE is best known for it’s denim; however, they also offer a wide variety of other apparel, shoes, and accessories for women. 


Tradlands prides itself on creating timeless, well-made pieces you can wear with everything and live in for years to come.Tradlands also prioritizes ethical working practices and a fair, livable wage. 


Pact offers sustainable and ethical basics for women, men, kids, and babies, and prides itself in it’s “guilt free”. Their clothing is made from organic cotton and fair trade certified factories with zero harmful chemicals. It is by far one of the most affordable sustainable fashion brands perfect for the whole family.

Organic Basics 

Organic Basics offer a wide variety of garments for men and women made using renewable fabrics in certified facilities that ensure the ethical and fair treatment of all garment workers.

They are the company to go to for basics that are super comfortable. 

The designs, styles, and colors are all minimal, timeless and made to last, which is what makes Organic Basics a great brand to help build the foundation of a more sustainable wardrobe.

Girlfriend Collective

The Girlfriend Collective is the one to go to for ethical athletic wear. Their collections are made from recycled water bottles and ethically produced in Vietnam. 


Lastly, here is a list of fabrics that are eco friendly and also sustainable in how they are grown and processed.

– Linen

– Hemp

– Silk

– Bamboo

– Lyocell (Tencel)

– Organic Wool

– Organic Cotton


By: Hala AlZoubi
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