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Celebrities with an apple body shape

An apple body shape celebrities

Apple‘s body, or as it is known, the inverted triangle, is a common body shape that is wider and rounder at the shoulder line, bust, and back, with fullness around the waist. They also have narrow hips.


If you have an apple-shaped body, you may want to know which celebrities have the same shape and learn more about how they dress. How do they usually dress up? How can you dress with an apple-shaped body? What should you choose, and what should you avoid? Female celebrities with apple-shaped bodies often look great in structured garments that emphasize the waist, as well as large and bold accessories that draw attention to the bust, making it closer to an hourglass shape. Below is a list of five celebrities who have an apple body shape.

1. The singer and songwriter Adele

If you are unaware that there is not one perfect body shape, you should know that an apple body shape is the ideal shape for those who wish to be proud of their curves, just like Adele. If you possess these curves, you are fortunate!
To flaunt your apple body shape like Adele, you should wear clothing that emphasizes your waist and gives you the perfect curves. Additionally, remember that your waist is your best asset.


2. The media executive Oprah Winfrey

The media executive, Oprah Winfrey

The Queen of Confidence, Oprah Winfrey, is an example of impeccability in everything. She was included in Forbes list of the most influential women in the world.

Over the years, Oprah‘s figure has changed as she has lost and gained weight, which has been accompanied by a variety of clothing and styles. Despite the changes in her body weight, Oprah‘s style is always remarkably magnificent, whether she is out and about or on the red carpet.

Her images are always incredibly amazing and cheerful, radiating positive energy and the brightness of a true lady.


3. The comedian, actress, and producer Amy Schumer



Also here we have another perfect apple-shaped figure! Her style is very confident, and she knows how to emphasize her curves.
Amy always proves that being curvy is gorgeous.

She chooses to clothe herself with V-neck clothing and items that highlight her waist, such as belted dresses and fitted tops. Curve-hugging denim is her go-to choice.

4. An actress, and producer Drew Barrymore



Drew Barrymore is an actress, talk show host, author, and producer. She is an elegant and successful woman who has received numerous awards, including a Screen Actors Guild Award and a Golden Globe Award, as well as nominations for a British Academy Film Award and five Emmy Awards.

There is no denying that Drew is a beautiful woman with an impressive persona. apple shape is considered to be ideal, as her ratios from waist-to-hip and bust-to-waist are considered to be very attractive.


5. Hollywood star Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer-Hudson apple shaped


She is a curvaceous, famous Hollywood star. with an apple-shaped, and most of her body weight around her waist.

She chooses clothes that fit her curves, which always works well and makes her look stunning. This can be a challenge for any woman who has this body shape. Jennifer’s style is all about embracing her curves and highlighting her shape wherever she goes!


There are many more apple-shaped celebrities out there, all of them proudly showing off their curves. Whether it’s Jennifer Lopez or Lady Gaga, these famous ladies and others are unashamed to rock their unique body shapes, and we think that’s amazing!

If you have an apple-shaped body, there’s no need to hide it. Celebrate your curves and take inspiration from these amazing celebrities. With the right styles and silhouettes, you too can look and feel amazing!


Written by Rania Abu Jbarah

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