Who Are Khood Designers ?

Khoodfashion.com includes the wonderful fashionable people and their unique designs all on one site and today we will introduce to you our Khood designers and their brands.

Hama Yassen

Hama Yassen is a distinguished Jordanian fashion designer and the founder of the khood website. Her work focuses on the values of comfort, elegance and happiness that we hardly find in the clothing options available in the market nowadays.

Hamma Yassen designs are distinctive designs that combine sophistication, modernity and Arabic character.

Her passion as a professional fashion designer


Hamma obtained a degree in Fashion Design from the Instituto di Moda: Burgo School of Fashion in Milan to combine her talent in drawing and design with the most prominent international experiences in the fashion industry. Her work is so diverse that you find daily pieces, various evening dresses and caftans between her designs.

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Hama Hinnawi

The second Khood Designer is Fashion designer Hama Hinnawi. Hama relied on royal elegance, especially as the fashion designer for Queen Rania and she focuses on modern, traditional costumes in her designs. She introduces embroidery into all her pieces to combine it with modern designs.

Hama Hinnawi combines Palestinian and Jordanian heritage with designs that can be worn at parties, events and ordinary days.

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Designer Bayan Abu Talib IS Behind the trademark “Terkwaz”. She is an architect who has loved all kinds of design since she was in school. she worked in the field of handicrafts and upon her graduation she pursued her passion in fashion design and launched (Terkwaz). Terkwaz contains many designs that are suitable for all occasions, such as abayas, formal and evening wear, which are distinguished by various colors, fabrics and cuts.

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Amer Atta

Amer Atta, a jewelry and accessories designer, started his career in making necklaces in different large  sizes  and with different materials, then he moved to  making head accessories for brides and various occasions.

Amer Atta has a variety of head pieces to suit all occasions. He pays attention to the finest designs and details and you will find what suits you as he draws inspiration for his collections based on the time of year, fashion lines and the latest wedding dresses designs.

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Roua Almawally

An Iraqi fashion designer. She started her journey in fashion design from Sweden, specifically Malmo. Also, She studied fashion design, and her designs were inspired by the clothes of Swedish women who adopt simple looks and solid colors without decorations.

Roua started designing clothes to help hijabi women keep up with fashion trends and remain modern as it was not easy in Sweden to find suitable clothes for hijabis, that’s why she started making them herself.

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Eman Al Ahmad

A young Jordanian designer who started her career in 2006 between Jordan and Kuwait. Eman’s designs reflect the traditional dress in a modern and fashionable way, and she was specialized in designing high-end abayas and caftans.

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Sarah Ishtar

The creative Iraqi designer, Sarah Ashtar, started her career in 2016.

Sarah is known for her simple elegant dresses, in bright colors and comfortable designs.

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Dima Al Hasanat

She is a Jordanian fashion designer residing in Kuwait who has designed wonderful evening dresses with distinctive and exceptional designs that make anyone wearing it  the star of the ceremony.

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Zeina Ali

A Jordanian fashion designer who mixed engineering and her love for fashion in her designs. Her designs were inspired by women’s strength, grace and femininity. she was known for her exceptional ability to mix between colors and materials to produce strong and bold designs that suit modern women. Her abayas and dresses suit all occasions.

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Nisreen Kittaneh

Fashion designer Nisreen Kittaneh always tends to design modest pieces that suit modern women, whether wearing a hijab or not. She strives to make her pieces suitable for all ages and sustainable so that they are used for more than one occasion.

Rayan Fleifel

She is the designer behind the brand “La robe de raya” which specializes in designing distinctive abayas that you can wear, whether on a dress or jeans and some daily pieces such as jackets and caps.

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The brand ME LA MODA has a variety of designs. It has practical designs and pieces suitable for hijabis “long sleeve”, and there is a distinctive collection of simple and elegant evening dresses. Also, Jumpsuits are available for all occasions

ME LA MODA is also distinguished by its affordable prices.

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Tanya Naber is the designer for this brand, having worked as a personal stylist for several years.

ByT launched its first collection in 2014. It began producing caftans of multiple colors and designs, and from there expanded to provide ready-to-wear wear in the field of accessories and sportswear. The brand derives its inspiration from the latest fashion trends.

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Art Nouveau

Jordanian designer Fedaa Assaf started the Art Nouveau brand, which focuses on traditional and modern designs, drawing inspiration from Jordanian and Palestinian heritage and presenting it in a modern style.

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Those are Khood Designers for now. We will keep you updated.

By: Hala AlZoubi

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