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Palestinian Keffiyeh : 85 Years History

The Palestinian Keffiyeh is a chequered black and white scarf, made of cotton fabric that is worn in different ways around the head and the neck, also referred to as a Palestinian Hatta or a Shemagh scarf. It became a symbol of Palestinian nationalism during the Arab Revolt of the 1930s.

During the 1960s, the Keffiyeh became even more prominent symbol of Palestinian resistance when it was adopted by Yasser Arafat (A Palestinian political leader) Arafat seldom made public appearances without the headdress. It is worn by men and women of any social rank, and nowadays it is not only worn by Palestinian people it is worn by people from different nations around the world. Palestinians continue to wear the Keffiyeh as a symbol of solidarity and resistance.

– The reasons for wearing Keffiyeh:

During the Arab Revolt of 1936, the headdress was worn by Palestinian rebels to cover their faces and shield their identity so that they could avoid being arrested, also to symbolize their resistance from governing authorities.

On the other hand they wear it in summer to protect themselves from the intense rays of the sun, as well as wind-swept dust and sand; also as a tool to wipe away sweat. In winter, the scarf is used to shield them against cold temperatures, as well as rain and snow.

Nowadays Keffiyeh has become a fashionable accessory, and the patterns of Keffiyeh are used in clothes.

– Ways of wearing the Keffiyeh:

1 -There is the semi-traditional way, wrapped around the head via an Agal, that’s how Yasser Arafat used to wear it.

2 – The style of a Muslim woman’s Hijab , wrapped around the head and shoulders.

3 -Traditional Head and Face Wrap Combination.

4 -Loose Neck Scarf.

5 -The Bandana style.


– Symbols of the Keffiyeh:

– The colors:

The colors of the stitching in a Keffiyeh are associated with Palestinians’ political sympathies. Traditional black and white Keffiyehs became associated with (The Palestinian National Liberation Movement). Later, the red and white Keffiyehs were adopted by Palestinian Marxists in 1967, such as the The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine).

– The three patterns:

1 – Fishnet Pattern: 

The fishnet distinctive woven checkered pattern represents affinity towards the Palestinian sailor and the connection with the Mediterranean Sea.

2 – Olive Leaves Pattern:

Olive leaves’ distinctive woven checkered pattern represents strength, resilience and perseverance. The olive tree is nearly synonymous with the Palestinian land and culture.

3 – Bold Line Pattern:

The bold line pattern represents trade routes going through Palestine, symbolizing a long history of merchants, travel and culture exchange.

By: Yara Sinokrot

Modest Clothes in Europe Market


Clothes in the Middle East market are so diversified, where you can find traditional, modest and Western fashion clothes. While in  Europe it is not the same, there are only Western clothes, you can barely find modest or Arab traditional clothes.

Women in some countries in the world wear traditional clothes on a daily basis like in Gulf countries for example, while other countries in the Middle East and in Europe only old women wear traditional clothes on a daily basis and younger women wear traditional clothes only for special occasions such as a wedding or religious celebration like Eid and Ramadan.

Muslim population in Europe keep growing, and unfortunately Islamic fashion clothes offerings have been limited and there is a gap in the Europe market, there is no single Islamic brand catering to the fashion needs of the Muslim population,  most of the clothes in the market are unsuitable designs specially for Hijabi women.

Islamic clothing includes Kaftans, Abayas, clothing items that conform to Islamic dress code, Islamic clothes nowadays combine religious clothing with fashion trends, such as long dresses, long sleeves, loose fitting clothes and high necklines.

Modest clothes are not only for Muslim women whether Hijabi or non-Hijabi, a lot of women from different religions like to wear this kind of clothes.

In the past women had to customize clothes from the tailors because they couldn’t find modest clothes in the Europe market. But nowadays women in Europe are not facing the same problems they used to face before when they want to buy modest clothes or arab traditional clothes for occasions because now they can order whatever they want online from any country in the world and can come to them easily.

Khood is the best online store solution for such problems in finding modest clothes and Arab traditional clothes , you can find in our website a lot of varieties for occasions and for daily basis whether you’re a Hijabi or not.


By: Yara Sinokrot

Tips to celebrate Eid this Year

Eid Al Fiter is an occasion of joy and festivity for all Muslims for breaking their fast, also it marks the end of Ramadan.

It is common for the capitals of Muslim-majority countries to decorate their streets with festive lights. You can also create that Eid vibe in your home by filling it with Eid decorations, make sure you get your children involved, because the more you involve your kids with the Eid preparations, the more they will feel the spirit of this occasion.

Some of the Eid preparations are universal among all Muslims. Wearing new clothes is one of them. Clothes are an important marker of Eid. Whether people choose to wear traditional or modern western clothes, all must be well turned-out. In the days leading up to Eid, we used to see shopping centers overflowing with shoppers looking out for the latest and greatest fashion trends, but now because of Corona pandemic most of the shopping centers in the world are closed and even if they’re open it is not safe to be there, and because of the current circumstances due to Corona pandemic online shopping will save the situation.

Visiting relatives and neighbors’ houses and accepting sweets while moving around from house to house, is another part of Eid preparations, but also these visits won’t happen this Eid because of the pandemic. Eid this year won’t be the same, so we will have to create the atmosphere of Eid celebrations in a different way, even if a lot of countries are in lock-down, it doesn’t mean we can’t look our best for Eid.

All the fun areas for kids are closed so we should create the Eid’s atmosphere for them on our own, by doing home and family activities like playing together the games they love , cooking together and making BBQ gatherings for example, also we can buy them gifts to surprise them, we can order these gifts online. A great idea for a gift would be buying your daughters the same outfit as yours, cause daughters are always looking at their mother’s clothes, they will be so happy and it is also so trendy this year, you can find the daughter mother matching clothes at Khood’s website.









You all know that Eid is coming in the summer season and in summer everyone loves to wear light clothes like dresses and kaftans, also because of the circumstances we will spend most of this Eid’s time at home so we need comfortable clothes, keep in mind while choosing your Eid outfit to pick light colors that match with summer colors, you can check Khood’s website there is a lot of varieties that you will like.

This Eid will be an opportunity to bring some light into this period of darkness. 

Stay safe, and have a happy Eid! 

Yara Sinokrot


Online Shopping in Corona Pandemic

Online Shopping in Corona Pandemic

The Corona pandemic has affected the economy and also the financial market worldwide more than the previous pandemics due to severe governmental restrictions on economic activities and social life

These circumstances and restrictions have changed the way consumers use e-commerce, and have increased a shift towards a more digital world, and that affected on the online shopping  behaviors, compared to online shopping pre-pandemic, online shoppers have all increased their online buying behaviors since the Corona virus began because retail stores and services closed ,and also consumers are trying to avoid public places as much as they can to protect themselves and their families.

Consumers became almost fully dependent on shopping online because it became their only way to satisfy their consumption needs in the lock down and also for many reasons; it covers a wide number of products, it’s more safe , it’s easier , it saves a lot of time, you can also compare prices and see which store offers the best deals easily, that helps you save money and trains you to be a smarter shopper.

Retailers have put much effort into building, improving, and promoting their online stores. Some small retailers that did not manage online stores before the shutdown developed temporary solutions to sell their products online, by posting their products on social media and by offering pick-up or delivery services, others also have offered discounts to encourage people more and more.

Even if the lock down has finished in some countries and the stores opened again, but still women are not feeling safe; trying on clothes after others , the dressing rooms, and also dealing with the sales staff in the stores because they daily deal with a lot of customers, that’s when they

Started to recognize its better to shop online.

When mentioning shopping  clothes online for sure Khood is your best choice, because we have a lot of varieties for all the occasions and also different sizes that suit everyone, other than that you can pay easily whether by using PayPal or by using cash on delivery, also we have fast worldwide shipping. 

Enjoy your safe shopping from Khood.   

By:Yara Sinokrot

Ramadan 2021 is Different!

It’s that special time of the year again, it’s Ramadan. Ramadan is a holy month that is filled with blessings and mercy for all Muslims. It is the month of fasting from sunrise till sunset, this month is awaited by everyone all around the world. 

With the arrival of Ramadan month we decorate our houses with different Ramadan decoration themes by using eastern elements and elegant Islamic designs to fill our houses with Ramadan vibes and as a way of welcoming Ramadan, decorating for Ramadan has become a tradition in every house. We can use different things in decorating like lightnings to bring a joyful atmosphere, lanterns, crescent moons which are Ramadan’s sign, stars, and some kinds of ornamental papers.

Families gather together each evening when the sun sets to break their fast together in the Iftar meal that consists of varieties of Ramadan traditional food like; the refreshing juices like Jallab, Amar al-Din and Tamarind, also the Turkish Ramadan Flat Bread and for dessert Qatayef, and they often stay up to the early hours of the morning enjoying time with family and friends till Suhoor meal,  even though Ramadan will be a bit different this year because of Corona pandemic,  we will miss sharing this holy month with friends and the whole family gathered around Iftar but we have faith that God will soon reunite us.

Ramadan is also a time when fashion trends change overall, every year we see different variations of comfortable, Long, Light weight, airy pieces that keep the body cool during fasting, also Ramadan clothes follow the Islamic concept of modesty whether for Hijabi or non-Hijabi women.

Many women feel excited about the fresh clothing opportunities that come but also many other women get confused what to wear in this month, but don’t worry Khood is here to help. The Ramadan’s collection for year 2021 has a lot of options that suits everyone, like long and short Cardigans, Abayas with and without buttons, and long dresses. Not only for you, we also made Ramadan outfits for your daughter just like your outfits to match together.



There is a lot of colorful options and white options of course because nothing says cooling down more than the color white specially in this hot weather, White is perhaps the most seen shade in Ramadan.

After the lock down and closing all the clothing stores last year, consumers started buying more online and they have become more comfortable and got used purchasing online because it is easier and safer. Start ordering your Ramadan outfits from Khood and enjoy wearing unique items.

Ramadan Kareem

By: Yara Sinokrot

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