Fashion is a global communication language that helps each and every one of us express themselves. While many international brands offer clothing that does not express our true self, We believe that every woman is unique and deserves to wear clothes that express her personality.

We seek to enable the designers to achieve their passion by supporting them in several stages: Such as production of design, filming, control, fencing, and sale. If you share the same values that we take care of in Khudour, which is elegance, comfort and convenience, do not hesitate to contact us to benefit from our service pack for designers; we all have a platform!

If you are either a worker preparing to meet with her colleagues at work, Or I was a college student planning to meet your girlfriends for the weekend, Or I was a wife celebrating her wedding anniversary with her partner in a romantic meeting You deserve to shine with a sense of trust and happiness, and this is simply our message in the Take!

For us, Fashion is an international language that helps us express how we feel and look from inside! Clothing brands does not help you introduce your true self, we think that each and every woman is unique and deserves to have her own style.

At Khood, we want to enable outstanding designers to grow their passion by: Supporting them at different levels; From production, photoshoot, quality assurance, marketing and monetization. If you are an outstanding designer who shares the same values of Khood; Elegance, comfort and happiness, kindly reach out to us to inquire about our services to designers, because Khood is designed to be the platform for all!

Whether you are working Mom planning for a night out with fellows or a high school student hanging out with friends or a devoted wife celebrating her anniversary with her handsome man, you deserve to feel confident and happy inside out and this is simply our mission at Khood 😊