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A classic that never fades? The white shirt. This wardrobe essential is one of the most versatile pieces you can own.

The white shirt shouldn’t just be reserved for office wear. Whether fitted, button down, loose and flowy, sheer, cotton, silk…they all have their charm and uses and suit every body type.

There are so many ways to wear it beyond simply putting it on and buttoning it up. Need some inspiration? Read on to see some of our favorite ways to wear it.

1. As a dress

Wear an oversized white shirt as a dress. Style it with a patterned tie round your waist and a pair of  oversized earrings.

2. To make prints pop

The contrast of a crisp white shirt with a vivid print is the best. This look works best with the shirt neatly tucked into the trouser to avoid too much going on.

3. With all-white

All-white looks are trendy, so what better pairing for your white shirt than a pair of white jeans. Add a pop of color with a bright fuchsia heels.

4. With Jeans

The white shirt wasn’t just made for suits. Dress it down with high waisted jeans and pink accessories to create a cute weekend look.

5. As a layering tool

A white shirt is the ultimate layering essential. Wear yours under a Grey sweater with the collar and hem peeking out of the sweater for an effortlessly chic look.
Check out these cool ways to use it as a layering tool.

6. Tucked into trousers, jeans or skirts with the cuffs rolled up…casual.

7. Long and loose over your favorite narrow legged jeans or leggings.

8. As an outer layering piece over another top.

Wearing a classic white shirt is always chic and makes you look instantly cooler.
Author: Hala Al-Zoubi
What’s your favorite way to wear a white shirt?
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