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Ramadan Fashion 2020

This Ramadan: The only problem you’ll face is trying to fit all this fabulousness into one month.

Ramadan is the most awaited month of the year, it marks the beginning of a spiritual time where people focus on recharging and connecting with their spirituality to cultivate a strong bond with God.

Traditionally, women dress modestly during the whole month. No matter what you’re looking for this Ramadan, you will have options galore to choose from.

Abayas and kaftans

Abayas and kaftans can really add elegance and sophistication to every woman’s look. Nowadays, they’re worn by so many fashion bloggers.

They Show How You Can Style Abayas and Kaftans for Ramadan and wear them according to the latest trends.

We have seen black abayas with details on the sleeves as worn by Dalal Al Doub, another abaya with ruffles worn by Fatma Hossam.

Kuwaiti blogger Dana El Towyrish wore a white simple abaya for house receptions. She also styled a modest look by wearing the classic khaleeji abaya, which shows you how you can dress it up for various occasions.

Take a look at these bloggers’ styling of abayas and kaftans, so you can get inspired just in time with Ramadan coming up.



Modest Outfits to Wear That Is Not Abaya or Kaftan

Although Abayas and Kaftans are the most  popular among women during Ramadan, It might not be your kind of look so if you’re looking for something modest that is a bit less traditional, long kimonos, dresses and skirts are always a great option. Try to mix and match pieces in your wardrobe that would give a flowy, comfortable, bright look reflecting Ramadan vibes in an outfit. Check out below modest outfits for Ramadan that are not Abaya or Kaftan.


Inspired by Ramadan, local markets as well as global markets create impressive casual outfits including kaftans and modest dresses.

International brands like Mango, H&M, Leem, and Michael Kors release their Ramadan Collections every year.

Also, designers are always taking Ramadan fashion and elevating its sophistication and adding modern touches to it.

Check out this gorgeous kaftan by the great Hama Yassen worn by the MC of Dubai modest fashion week and tons of other options.


Author: Hala Al-Zoubi

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