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[ Five Unexpected Color Trends for Winter 2020 ]

Winter is just about here and that means changing out our wardrobes to include heavier layers, thicker fabrics, and traditionally darker hues. We find ourselves transitioning from a lightweight spring and summer wardrobe full of vibrant colors to blacks, browns, and grays to match the dreary weather. But if the Winter 2020 runways have hinted at anything for the year to come, it’s that we should have a little fun with our colors this season. Here are five unexpected color trends you should try this winter.

Go Green

Whether it’s lime green, neon, or one of Pantone’s colors of the year, guacamole, going green has never been more on-trend (literally). Skip the traditional deep forest and royal greens for their more lighthearted cousins this winter. Stick to fabrics like silk and satin for the ultimate off-the-runway look, but don’t be scared to layer with heavier items and mix textures and weights. Guacamole or pistachio would look especially good in a formal gown for any upcoming parties or events, but do be careful when playing with neon. Head-to-toe neon green is not recommended, so enjoy this trend by adding a pop of brightness with accessories and accents to your standard winter wardrobe.

Light Purple

Purples, especially in the lavender family, like those as seen in Nanushka’s Fall/Winter 2020 collection, are definitely making a comeback this winter. Traditionally considered a spring hue, cooler light shades of purple can add a splash of color to your look without making you feel out of place in dreary winter weather. Purple vintage-style chunky knits are a fun (and warm) way to add this hue to your look. For a super on-trend outfit, try mixing shades to make a head-to-toe monochrome style that will be sure to please. 


Vibrant Pink

While some shade of pink is always on-trend, these bold versions of the color are somewhat unexpected. We’re talking jewel-toned magentas, vibrant bubblegum pink,  and deep fuchsias, like those seen on Valentino and Ulla Johnson. While an all-pink ensemble might not be your cup of tea, a pop of color is always welcome. A fuchsia or bubblegum pink coat in a vintage style is a classic, but sticking with accessories like a blouse or shoes will effortlessly carry you into spring and will surely become year-round staples in your wardrobe. 



Traditional fashion rules might dictate that shades of white shouldn’t be work past labor day (mid-September), but head-to-toe ivory screams winter chic. As seen on Givenchy and Alberta Ferretti this season, you can’t go wrong with adding some ivory or soft whites and off-whites to your look. An ivory winter coat is always a welcome  winter staple, but take this trend to the next level by pairing ivory slacks with an ivory blouse for an updated office look this season. Keep the accessories neutral for this winter trend, but once the weather gets warmer, ivory transitions beautifully into your year-round wardrobe by adding some pops of color.


Bright Orange

The most daring color trend of the roundup, bright orange (also known as tiger orange or tangerine) has been spotted on haute couture runways like Carolina Herrera and Salvatore Ferragamo this season. This fiery hue isn’t for the faint of heart, but wearing it will undoubtedly give you a boost of confidence as you walk out the door. Ease into this on-trend color by adding some bright orange accessories like a scarf or a handbag. Like with all vibrant colors, a monochromatic look might be tough to pull off, but don’t be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone when playing with color, even in winter.

Author: Suzanne Hamid

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